Accutech FL-10 Sensor Removal / Re-Installation

The following steps present how to remove and re-install an Accutech FL-10 device for a firmware update.

  1. Unclip the ground wire by loosening the screw just beneath the FL-10 housing in the picture below.

  1. Unscrew the union connecting the FL-10 and the probe to expose the electrical connections as shown in the following two pictures.

  1. Grasp the knurled knob on the left in the picture above -- adjacent to the probe threads -- and turn the knob counterclockwise to disconnect the FL-10 from the probe. After probe is disconnected it will appear as shown in the picture below.

  1. Remove the FL-10 from the tank area to reprogram the firmware.

  2. When ready to re-connect, wrap Teflon tape around the probe threads.

  3. Line up electrical prongs in the probe with the socket holes inside the knurled knob shown above, and turn the knurled knob clockwise to screw the two pieces together.

  4. Unscrew one side of the union and thread onto probe threads as shown below.

  1. Finish re-connecting the FL-10 by connecting with center of the union shown above.

  2. Place 130 C rubber splicing tape around union as shown below. If tank is outside, 33 plus tape should be placed as an additional layer of protection around the union.

  3. Re-attach ground wire to the screw just below the FL-10 housing. (See the picture following step 1.)

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