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Whether writing a strictly utilitarian how-to project, or a creative writing endeavor, my first rule of writing is clarity of expression above all else. I cannot think of an exercise in writing, or any other form of communication, where clarity is not the foundation for effective communication. Clarity to me means not just proper sentence structure, grammar, etc., but also thoroughly understanding the needs of the intended audience as well. What do they know about the subject at hand? What don’t they know? These and other questions affect the organization and presentation of the written project and are an important part of achieving clarity of expression.

   Beauty in written communication can come in many forms:

  • Using a dramatic device to “hook” readers into reading a social media post or full essay, or

  • Constructing an effective aphorism to vividly imprint the essay’s main point upon the mind of the reader, or

  • Organizing and presenting a project plan or documentation project that is crystal-clear in its intended purpose thus saving time and energy of all concerned with a given project.

  • And many more. . .


   These are my writing principles and guidelines and why I enjoy writing on a wide variety of topics and formats. Writing engages both the          analytical and creative side of my mind. Specific projects I have done to date include:

  • Business documents including reports, proposals, work plans, and executive summaries

  • Documentation of business processes and product operations

  • Book reviews

  • Website copy and social media posts

  • Essays on cultural topics such as art, science, and education.


   If the beauty and/or utility of the written word are of concern to you, please contact me with information and details concerning your project    at hand.

Mike Gemmell

Owner, The Wordsmith Corner

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